Alice Neves

Alice Neves began her musical studies at Escola Profissional de Arte de Mirandela – ESPROARTE, in Danuta Grossmannová’s viola’s class. She graduated and was professionalized in Music, at Universidade de Évora, in Bin Chao ́s class. She also got a master ́s degree in Music from Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas – ESART, which is part of Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco, under teacher Joana Perereira ́s orientation.

In her master ́s degree thesis defense, she mentioned “The Importance of Lionel Tertis in the Emancipation of Viola and Musical Creation on the First Half of the XX Century”, presenting her recital regarding the obtainment of her master’s degree in Music, with specialization in viola’s area.

She worked with Universidade de Évora ́s String Quartet, under Max Rabinovitsj ́s pedagogical and artistic orientation. Performed many concerts and masterclasses with Borodin Quartet at Casa da Música, between 2005 and 2006. While graduating, she was leader at Universidade de Évora ́s Orchestra and also performed many concerts, including two tournées in France, while working with the internationally renowned violist Bruno Pasquier.

She participated in the Classic Juvenile Orchestra “Bracara Augusta 2000” ́s 4th Internship and in the National Orchestra “Aproarte” ́s 3rd Internship. She took part in the 2001’s Young EuroClassic Festival and performed at Konzerthaus in Berlin. She worked with many conductors, including Roberto Perez, Ernest Schelle, Max Rabinovitsj, Francesco Belli, Christopher Bochman, Álvaro Cassuto and Pedro Neves. In 2003, she founded EvorEnsemble Contemporâneo, an association that promotes contemporary music and art ́s development from Portuguese artists. She collaborated with Orquestra Filarmónica das Beiras, Orquestra do Norte, Camerata Ensemble da Guarda, Camerata e Orquestra Esproarte, amongst others.

To conclude her graduation, she did an internship at Conservatório Metropolitano de Música de Lisboa – CMML, in viola ́s and orchestra class, under Teresa Fernandes (teacher) and Pedro Neves’s (conductor) orientation.

She began her pedagogical activity in 2006, at Conservatório de Música de Ourém e Fátima. From 2008 to 2014, she teached viola, viola seccion, chamber music and string orchestra classes at ESPROARTE. In 2010, she did a complementary academic training in the area of instrument pedagogy, under Jenny Spanoghe’s orientation. The search for her artistic abilities ́s improvement continued, which led her to participate in viola ́s masterclasses with Jerzy Kosmala, Atar Arad, Bruno Giuranna, Helen Callus, Christophe Desjardins, Máté Szücs and Ivo-Jan van der Werff. In 2015/16 she was invited to be an assistant at ESART, replacing teacher Joana Pereira. Then, in 2016/17, she got a place at Escola de Música Óscar da Silva – EMOS ́s pedagocical team.

For the upcoming years, 2017/18, she got a place at Academia de Música de Paços de Brandão ́s and Escola de Música Guilhermina Suggia ́s pedagocical team. Since 2008, she teaches at Conservatório Regional de Música de Vila Real – CRMVR. Thanks to her teaching skills, her viola ́s class includes many awarded students, which led her to receive two Honorable Diplomas as a teacher. The awards mentioned above were attributed by “II Geneva International Music Competition” – July 2017 and “III Tokyo International Music Competition” – January 2018.